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Welcome to DarkHorse Delta Home of The Cannabis Calculators

Cannabis Calculators!

We have long been denied the right to the safe, effective medication choices offered by cannabis (more
commonly known as marijuana). Cannabis medication is an extremely individualized experience.

This means that what works someone else may not work well for you. Our genetics (among other factors) control how we respond to cannabis medication. This can lead to more confusion as strains or types of cannabis can number in the hundreds! On top of this, medication growers (called cultivators) are constantly adding new strains of cannabis to the market. 

We must become more involved in our medicine choices- to an extent never seen before! Lack of education causes many of us to demand only high-THC strains because that is what we are most familiar with. This is not the best approach and can cause us to be unhappy with our medicine and have unwanted side effects.

Currently, our only options are

  • spend hours doing research on which cannabis types or “strains” could possibly match our
    health needs
  • Attend expensive or time-consuming classes
  • Use an expensive trial and error method
  • Be totally dependent on questionably educated others
  • If only there was a simple way to get this information without spending hours hunched over the computer or the “trial and error” approach that quickly drains your pocketbook……

Introducing The Cannabis Calculators!

“Calculate” what you need with our cannabis education system.

Education is provided in step by step fashion in two fun and interactive devices (sold separately).

The Cannabis Calculator 1

Helps you cut through the time and headache involved with learning about cannabis.  Simply turn the dial for targeted education.   Cannabis education at your fingertips!

Side #1

A quick start guide that quickly gets you on the path to finding the best strains for you

Side #2

When you are ready, learn more about the ‘ingredients” found in cannabis and how they relate to different health areas

The Cannabis Calculator 2

The Cannabis Calculators 2 can help you learn ways to cut some of the expense and get the most out of your medication through targeted vaping temperatures and identifying alternative plant sources for some of the ingredients (called terpenes) for holistic healing. 

Side #1

 Ways to stretch those medication dollars by using the correct vaping temperatures.

Side #2

How to get “missing” ingredients.  As a bonus, we have listed cannabis strains known to contain specific “ingredients.”

Check out our video links below to learn more about how to use these fun, interactive, and easy-to-use calculators.  Simply turn the dial to your choice and read individual, targeted education!  Our videos guide you on how to get the best effects from your medicine and also covers how to read and compare your calculator’s results to product labels and lab reports!

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How to Use The Cannabis Calculator 1

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How to Use The Cannabis Calculator 2

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How to Read Cannabis Lab Reports

Click the cards below

To learn fun facts about your cannabis ingredients!



Studies have shown that CBD-infused dental products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, are extremely effective. When used in combination with another cannabinoid called CBN, studies have shown that they can help a condition called bruxism, also known as teeth-grinding


This cannabis terpene has been shown to be an effective lung bronchodilator for asthma symptom relief. People with anxiety can be sensitive to this terpene and may need to avoid it- use caution.


Recent studies have shown that this common terpene helped control diabetes in rats when used with the food supplement called L-arginine. Its powerful effects were shown to normalize blood sugar and glucose tolerance as well as repair damaged pancreatic cells! Caryophyllene is the only terpene found to act directly on our endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors as well.


This terpene has been shown in studies to kill the virus that causes SARS. This virus is known as the SARS-CoV virus and is in the same family of coronaviruses as the COVID-19 virus causing the pandemic (aka SARS-CoV-2).


Also known as champacol, this terpene was historically used to treat syphilis infections and regulate menstruation.


This mildly psychoactive cannabinoid is formed from degraded THCA. Often known as the “sleepy cannabinoid,” it is commonly used as a sleep aid. Researchers found that 2.5-5mg of CBN was as effective as 5-10mg of the addictive sedative diazepam (more commonly known as Valium).


This cannabinoid ingredient is the acidic or “natural” form of THC found in the cannabis plant before it is broken down by time or heat. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you “high,” but contains many great medicinal benefits. Although more research is needed, studies point to similar health benefits in seizures, inflammation, cancer, neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, nausea , vomiting, and pain.


This well-known cannabinoid ingredient is famous for its psychoactive, “high” effects. High levels of this cannabinoid have been found to help PTSD sufferers find relief, especially from nightmares, as it has been shown to reduce the “dreaming” stage of sleep.


This cannabinoid ingredient is the acidic or “natural” form of CBD found in the cannabis plant before it is broken down by time or heat. Based on animal studies, CBDA may be more potent than CBD for certain medical conditions. These include nausea, stress-induced anxiety, pain , inflammation, and seizures. It is also more easily absorbed by mouth than CBD and doesn’t weaken the THC “high” like CBD is known to do.


Known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” this cannabis ingredient is the parent compound of other cannabinoids. CBG has many medicinal benefits as well such as helping with glaucoma, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and more!


This terpene, along with other ingredients such as humulene and THCV, has been found to have appetite-suppressing benefits for those seeking to avoid weight gain.

Warning: Not intended to diagnose or treat any condition.  Always follow your doctor’s orders.  Not intended to replace medical instructions, diagnosis, or treatments.  Consult your doctor for any contraindications, allergies, and medicine interactions.  For education purposes only.