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Cannabis Education: Read More

Cannabis offers a wide range of health benefits when used in a safe and managed way. However, the truth is that using cannabis for medicinal purposes can be confusing and, if you get it wrong, overly expensive. 

The good news is that there is plenty of information and advice available on safe and effective medicinal cannabis use available, so improving your cannabis education is simply a case of arming yourself with that knowledge and information. 

There’s a serious lack of information when it comes to how cannabis works and how it can be beneficial for health and wellness, which is why educating people around safe and effective cannabis use is so important. 

With that in mind, below is a guide to some of the ins and outs of how medicinal cannabis can be used to benefit health and wellness. You’ll also learn how you can ensure you’re using it correctly to treat and manage a range of issues. 

It’s Vital to Know Your Needs (Both Physical and Mental)


Using cannabis for medicinal purposes is different than heading to the drug store and picking up a pack of prescription tablets. Genetics (and various other factors) contribute to how our minds and bodies respond to cannabis medication. 

This can lead to confusion as there are hundreds of types of cannabis to choose from, each with varying strength levels, which can make picking the right option for you a little tricky. Instead of simply being given a prescription with detailed information of the amount of the medication that needs to be taken, you must take control of choosing your own medicine and how much of that medicine you should use to see results. 

Many people make the mistake of asking for cannabis strains that are high in THC because that is the form of cannabis the public is most familiar with. However, this doesn’t tend to be the best option as too much THC can actually make the medicine less effective and can also cause a range of unwanted side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. 

Understand What Terpenes Are and How They Can Be Beneficial 


Terpenes are a form of aromatic compound that are found in plants, including cannabis which contains exceedingly high concentrations of them. They are known for creating the characteristic scent that many plants have–such as those of cannabis, orange peel, pine, and lavender; in fact, terpenes cause the fragrance of most plants. These scents are there to protect plants from being eaten by animals–they act as a warning that animals should steer clear of them. 

Research has shown that terpenes also offer a range of health benefits to humans, with scientists still researching more about these possible benefits every day.

Why It’s Important to Know What You’re Consuming 

It’s important to know what you’re consuming, as each cannabinoid is different. Review your cannabis education until you feel you’re an expert. This will help you feel comfortable knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body.

Different Types

Terpenes differ from cannabinoids as cannabinoids are chemical compounds found specifically in cannabis–including THC, the substance that creates the “high” associated with cannabis use. 

CBD is another cannabinoid that’s becoming increasingly popular for its medicinal properties. CBD does not use the same receptors as THC inside the body, but can influence them indirectly.  As such, CBD does not create a sense of euphoria or a “high” when used.

While THC and CBD are two of the most popular cannabinoids of cannabis, there are over 100 different others that can occur, each one differing in terms of the benefits it offers the user. This is why understanding what you’re taking (and how much to take) is so vital when using medicinal cannabis. 


When you’re first starting out using cannabis for medicinal purposes, it’s wise to start with easy to measure options, such as tinctures. Start at a very low dose and slowly build from there, increasing the amount used over time until you find the one that’s the best fit for you and your health needs. 

Currently, the only options available to help you determine which strains and how much medicinal cannabis you should take is research. For some people, this may mean spending hours and hours doing research on the best strains and best amounts to use that might match a certain health condition or need. It may mean attending time-consuming classes, using a trial and error method, or relying on knowledge from others. 

This is where our cannabis calculators come in–they are a total game-changer to help you save time and money determining how much medicinal cannabis you should use and which strain is best for you and your health needs. 

How Do Our Calculators Work and What Do They Offer? 

Customize your cannabis with The Cannabis Calculators


Our two calculators are designed to educate and inform using a simple step-by-step process that’s fun, interactive, and easy to follow. Our guides will lead you along your journey of learning to use cannabis medication more effectively and with less cost.

Our terpene and cannabis calculators combine the known science behind traditional or plant medicine with the research that is currently available on cannabis. Below, we’ll review each one.


Our first cannabis calculator is designed to help you reduce the time spent learning about your medication and reducing the need for trial and error. It is designed to offer important educational insight into the process of learning how to select the best strains of cannabis for you and your health needs, as well as how to use them more effectively. This calculator allows you to learn to customize your cannabis experience, targeting specific cannabinoids and terpenes for advanced health impacts. 


Our terpene calculator has been designed to help you to learn the best ways to reduce the cost of medicinal cannabis and get the most out of your medication possible. It targets vaping temperatures and draws some of the key ingredients (such as terpenes) from other plant sources. 

These two calculators are simple to understand and easy to use, saving you dozens of cannabis education research hours. All you need to do is turn the dial and the calculator will determine what you need next. 

When it comes to education around cannabis use for medicinal purposes, it’s vital that you understand how to choose the right cannabis product for you and your health needs, as well as how to get as much out of it as possible. Hopefully, the guide above, and our handy calculators, will help you to be able to do that.

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