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Cannabis Education

DarkHorse Delta Enterprises is proud to announce our founder and product creator, an experienced nurse and cannabis patient, has completed dual training as a Holistic Cannabis Consultant under the Healer Program and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) medical cannabis training program.  


How we got our start

Our family-owned company was started to help guide medical cannabis patients into making more informed, educated decisions with their cannabis medications, as well as stretch their medication dollars.  Our family found ourselves in the difficult position of requiring alternative medication choices for life-threatening illnesses.  Medical cannabis was the answer to our prayers.  With the cannabis industry still in development and fragmented, information and guidance on cannabis as medicine was extremely time-consuming and difficult to gather. Trial and error was extremely expensive and discouraging when incorrect choices were made.

How we created our education system

Our experiences and trials when trying to find the best cannabis medication for our health issues led to the development of our devices, The Cannabis Calculators 1 & 2.  After completing cannabis educational programs, we gathered available research information and expert recommendations and placed them into our convenient, easy to use devices. We then compiled available research into a convenient cannabis and natural medicine database consisting of specific research summaries, historical use, expert tips, and more. We hope our education system helps you on your personal or professional learning journey to using cannabis medication more effectively–and with the least cost to your pocketbook.

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