The Cannabis Calculator 2

The Cannabis Calculator 2 continues your educational journey by identifying the necessary vaporizer temperatures to get the most and best medicinal benefits from vaping cannabis. Using the correct vaporizer temperatures allows you the best control in releasing of the ingredients without destroying them from the combustion of too high of temperatures. This gives you the most medical benefits with the least amount of product, thereby decreasing the overall expense of your medication. Please note: we recommend vaping of cannabis flower or 100% pure cannabis extracts only to avoid potential health problems of unhealthy additives or flavorings.

Side two of the calculator helps you find any missing ingredients that you would like included in your therapy. Other plants contain many similar ingredients to cannabis (called terpenes). Learning to include these sources in your diet or therapy with food sources, supplements, or essential oils can help you get the most benefit out of your medication. As a bonus, we have listed cannabis strains known to contain higher levels of each ingredient for you. Savvy patients have found that mixing differing cannabis strains can sometimes provide the best overall symptom control.

Our Calculators are double-sided–just turn the dial to customize!


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Cannabis research is difficult and time-consuming to gather, and new research and information is published daily—but we’ve done all the work for you! Learn what scientists have discovered about cannabis and natural medicine along with patient success stories and expert recommendations. Dive deeper into what we know about this amazing plant to get the most from your cannabis medication.

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Tired of “guessing” wrong, wasting money, and not getting the effects you need when choosing your cannabis strains?  Sativa and indica labels are often misleading.  Learn how to customize your cannabis to get the health effects you need.  The Cannabis Calculator 2 continues your education on using cannabis more effectively and with less cost beginning with our targeted vaporization guide on the front (side 1). Our second double-sided calculator in the series gets helps you learn to use cannabis more effectively with less amount of cannabis product–helping you to save money! Smoking or vaping cannabis at too high temps can “destroy” a lot of the precious ingredients (cannabinoids and terpenes) inside cannabis. Targeted vaporization using the correct temperatures helps prevent this loss, allowing you to use less cannabis!

Side 2 of the device continues this cost-savings by helping you identify and start using other plants, herbs, and essential oils to help boost your cannabis’ effects.  Other plants contain similar “active ingredients” inside (such as terpenes) and have been used for centuries in traditional medicine practices to help treat and prevent human diseases.  Using other plants helps you to supplement and boost the effects from your cannabis medication–giving you better control of your health problems.

The Cannabis Calculators help save your valuable time and money by putting current cannabis science at your fingertips!  Learn to CUSTOMIZE your cannabis–simply turn the dial, and “calculate” what you need!  The Cannabis Calculators make a great gift for friends and family–give the gift that brings better health.  Unsure which strains and cannabis ingredients work best for you?  Check out The Cannabis Calculator 1 and learn to customize and identify strain ingredients.

All items sent first class USPS with tracking. Please allow up to 7 days for processing, delivery, and receipt. Price shown is all-inclusive: No hidden fees–taxes, shipping, and handling are included in the price shown! For large orders or wholesales, please contact us for more information and pricing!



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