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The Cannabis Calculators Education System is a great educational resource for employees, educators, students, and patients!

Attention Cannabis Educators

Give yourself, your employees, and patients the tools necessary to choose and recommend more beneficial, therapeutic cannabis medication products.

Although legal in some capacity within most US states, cannabis is still classified as an illegal, Schedule 1 drug by the federal government. This drug category is reserved for substances that are considered highly addictive with no accepted health benefits. This restrictive classification continues to hinder scientists’ ability to effectively study cannabis.

After almost a century of prohibition, the available research into this fascinating plant continues to lag behind patient medical use and demand–as strict regulations make it extremely difficult to receive permission and to procure quality cannabis product for research. Federal regulations are slowly evolving and expanding, but this leaves clinicians and educators in a difficult position as to which products to recommend for individual patient needs.

Making it even more difficult:

  • Each patient’s needs are not the same and individual responses vary due to a vary of reasons.
  • Also, cannabis contains hundreds of potentially active ingredients which makes it much more difficult to study. Cannabinoids and terpenes work together in ways that are not yet fully understood—boosting and inhibiting each other’s effects.
  • Available cannabis strains number in the hundreds with new cultivars added frequently, further increasing the complexity.

Educators and clinicians must have access to the most currently available research and information possible. As research is far from complete, educators must assemble all available information (much like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle) into a more complete picture in order to best guide patient choices. These puzzle pieces include:

Gathering all of this information together is very difficult and time-consuming—but we have done the hard work for you!  Our cannabis education system, The Cannabis Calculators and associated research database, gives you the tools you need to succeed in helping to effectively guide patient medication choices.

Our cannabis education system consists of

The Cannabis Calculators Educational Devices

These include two (2) double-sided, customizable slide chart devices

Customizable Education–Just turn the dial!
  • These devices work to systematically guide patients into making more therapeutic and cost-effective medication choices.
  • Our calculators help to guide through the process of making more beneficial cannabis medication choices.
  • Our guides start with quick reference strain examples compiled  from community group publications, expert recommendations, & certificate of analysis reports and then evolve into a more focused, individual approach with health condition targeted cannabinoids and terpenes, targeted vaporization temperatures, and identification of alternative terpene-containing plants and herbs.
  • These guides combine to give patients and educators a step-by-step resource to getting the best medication experience, health benefits while helping to cut some of the cost associated with using cannabis medicine.
Our Calculators are double-sided–just turn the dial to customize!

These powerful rote memory and learning tools make it possible to use all three (3) methods of effective learning and teaching during education sessions:

  • Hearing: verbal, one-on-one instruction from educators, HCPs, or dispensary employees,
  • Seeing: view our calculators in use during teaching sessions to reinforce learning concepts, and
  • Doing: hands on, interactive practice.


The media type is fun, easy to use, and interactive in nature! Using multiple teaching and learning styles  helps to reinforce key learning concepts and inspire a desire to learn.

The DHD Cannabis Medication Database

Our cannabis medicine database gives you:

  • A thorough review and analysis of available scientific research into cannabinoids and terpenes, along with relevant study links
  • Historical cannabis and hemp use documentation
  • Expert recommendations and case studies
  • Patient/community success reports from leading community groups
  • Research and long-standing holistic usage of other terpene-containing plants

and much more!

Our research database provides you with the supporting evidence for the data included on our calculators and allows you to delve deeper into more specific targeting of health conditions.



Keep abreast of ever-changing cannabis research with our monthly newsletter updates on newly released research and subsequent database updates. Stop endlessly searching through hundreds of articles, reports, and research updates. Let us do the work for you!

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Our complete cannabis education system can help you train in-house and develop your own cannabis education programs!

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed and build long-term client relationships & trust.

Our complete cannabis education system gives you the power of interactive, hand-held cannabis education tools backed with the latest scientific research and expert tips.

The Cannabis Calculators Education System
Combining the known science of traditional, plant-based medicine with current cannabis research!

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