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Foster and reinforce learning with our cannabis education system

The Cannabis Calculators are a great educational resource for employees, educators, students, and patients!



The Cannabis Calculators are a great professional and educational resource!

As a cannabis professional, you know that cannabis patients will be required to participate in choosing their medication–rather than simply being prescribed a pharmacy medication. Popularity and demand have created an entirely new education problem that we have never encountered before: a need for a mass education campaign. 

Learning about cannabis medication is a process- how do we simplify this process and provide a valuable reinforcement tool for the necessary education?

 The end consumer MUST be better educated to receive the best results from their cannabis medication.  With a variety of things such as genetics, medications, diet, stress, and a multitude of other factors changing a patient’s response to a specific cannabis strain, it is vital that people receive this information in a simple, consumer-friendly manner that reinforces key learning concepts and inspires a desire to learn.

To meet this need, we have created a unique cannabis education system called The Cannabis Calculators.  This system consists of two doubled-sided paper apps that help guide cannabis patients and students through the process of learning to medicate with cannabis- whether needing a quick reference example guide for strain selection, identifying appropriate “ingredients” and alternative terpene sources, or learning to use their medication with greater benefits and less cost with targeted vaping.


***Effective learning is multi-faceted with everyone learning in different ways–whether that is from listening, seeing, doing, or (best) a combination of them all. 

Empower your employees to give better education sessions by giving them powerful visual and rote memory tools!


  Our calculators help foster and reinforce teaching concepts.  Patients, students, and employees can:

        •     HEAR   one-on-one instruction from educators, HCPs, or dispensary employees,                                                                                                                               –and using our devices-
        •     SEE     view our calculators in use to reinforce teachings, and
        •     DO   hands on, interactive devices to calculate individual needs and practice identifying appropriate ingredients.

          The media type is fun, easy to use, and interactive.

Customize your cannabis with a simple turn of the dial!


Cannabis cultivar availability, quality, and consistency varies for a variety of reasons, some of which are difficult to control at this point in the game.  To best overcome these obstacles, our strain examples on the device FRONT have been researched as to popularity across the United States including trending strains and long-term favorites.  Other strain examples are comprised from clinician recommendations, chemovar profiles, laboratory report analysis, and patient experience reports.  All inclusions serve as a teaching opportunity particularly when discussing phenotypes and local differences in terpene profiles.  Both MMJ and hemp strains are identified.

The device BACK expands on these teachings by focusing attention on the cannabis ingredients (cannabinoids and terpenes) that give results for each health concern area.  Inclusions are sourced from research and clinical studies, cannabis clinician trainings, and long-standing, traditional/alternative medicine practice reports.  Both acidic and non-acidic cannabinoids are identified.  The result is a combination of the known science of traditional plant medicine with current cannabis research information.

The Cannabis Calculator 1

Strain examples are just one teaching avenue given by The Cannabis Calculators.  Patients naturally progress into learning about the cannabis “ingredients” (cannabinoids and terpenes) and how to identify which ones work best for them.  Side 2 of our calculator identifies which cannabis ingredients a patient should look for in their cannabis strains.  Learning to identify which ingredients work best for them is the key to patient empowerment and best overall medicinal benefit.

Back Side 2

The Cannabis Calculator 2

Our second calculator continues the learning journey by identifying key vaporization temperatures for focused vaping sessions.  Cannabis medication is awfully expensive, and dry herb vaporization offers a unique opportunity for patients to stretch their medication dollars without the risk of additional ingredients like flavorings and such.  Targeted vaping allows the maximum release (and thus medicinal benefit) of each ingredient without the destruction of too high temperatures, allowing for less overall medication to be used.  Also, savvy patients can be taught to reuse the AVB material to further cut their expenses!

Side 2 of our second calculator identifies alternative plant sources for the identified terpenes.  As you know, terpenes are not unique to cannabis.  Help your patients fully harness the healing from a full range of plant-based medicine!  Including these sources into patient therapies helps to boost the medicinal benefits that our patients are seeking.  As a bonus, we included common cannabis strains known to contain significant levels of each terpene as well!


Back Side 2


Our patent-pending calculators make a great addition to any educational curriculum, whether you are an education program or a business looking to develop your own employee training program.  Our calculators are fashioned into a step-by-step system covering strain selections, focused cannabinoid/terpene identification, targeted vaporization, and more.

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The Cannabis Calculators
Combining the known science of traditional, plant-based medicine with current cannabis research!